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Who we're looking for:
Curious, passionate scientists who are eager to turn scientific expertise into a thriving business that innovates the food industry and has a positive impact. Experienced scientists with an entrepreneurial mindset who would like to make the next step and build a company that really makes a difference. We’re looking for collaborative experts, with a growth mindset, hands-on mentality and the drive to build something really unique.

Meet our founders and stories

Ralph Hage,
Co-Founder Yababa
Dr. Britta Winterberg,
Co-Founder Formo
Dr. Mazen Rizk,
Co-Founder Mushlabs
Rob Gerlach & Nina Mannheimer,
Co-Founders Klim

What you can expect

As an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) with FoodLabs you will be able to explore opportunities within your scientific field, ideate and validate business around that, and move it forward to become the founder of your own FoodTech startup.

You will be supported by the FoodLabs team, a team of experienced operators, executives and experts. They will be your sparring partner and hands-on support for all business-related challenges that matter so much when starting a company.

Anything from marketing and branding to finance, tech, operations, fundraising, scaling, and much more. And are keen to pay forward and deep dive into exciting, emerging ecosystems.

Successful EIRs share common attributes that extend beyond their deep subject-matter expertise:
  • Perseverance: You have a strong hands-on attitude and willingness to take on various tasks, also outside your field of expertise.
  • Excellence: A track record of achievements and experience in the research and development in a relevant scientific space.
  • Passion: Strong entrepreneurial passion to build your own business and the next generation of biotech startups with us.
  • Grit: Strong self-motivation as well as a proactive, execution-oriented mindset.

Open for your ideas

We would like to hear from you about interesting scientific angles. There are a few topics that we find interesting at the moment:
  • Animal-free seafood and meat products targeting the European or Asian market that exactly replicate the taste and texture of traditional seafood/meat but are much more sustainable and nutritious. Pioneers in this space include Memphis Meats, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.
  • Animal-free dairy products targeting the European market that mimic the taste and texture of animal-based dairy products (i.e. milk, butter, cheese) with a clear path to price parity in the short/mid-term. Pioneers in this space include Perfect Day and Ripple.
    This is not an exhaustive list and we definitely welcome other projects that could lead to the  creation of a successful for-profit startup supporting our mission.

We are looking for experts in these technology fields

Our Mentors

Mazen Rizk

Founder and CEO

Mazen Rizk

Founder and CEO

Mazen Rizk

Founder and CEO

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