Backing the food revolution

We are here to invest in the smartest people solving the most pressing problems along the entire chain of the food industry.

For us, profit and purpose go together. We’re a purpose-driven investor: we see huge opportunities building outlier companies that pave the way for healthier nutrition, sustainable agriculture, better access to food -  and ultimately have a positive impact on planet and people, whilst delivering outstanding financial returns.

Since 2015 we’ve been building and investing in more than 30 startups based on proprietary FoodTech technology and digital business models, helped build the fastest European unicorn, the pioneering startups for alternative proteins - and established the leading Early Stage FoodTech platform.

Purpose driven

We're promoting a growth through purpose: we see huge opportunities building outlier companies that pave the way for healthier nutrition, sustainable agriculture, better access to food - and hence have a positive impact on the planet and people, whilst delivering great financial returns.

Thesis driven

With our thesis- driven, sector agnostic approach to investing, we’re exploring technology-driven trends to discover ground-breaking business models and help build champions. As investors we’re building on our deep sector expertise, scientific know-how, an unparalleled experience in Early Stage investing - as well as our passion for food.

Founders first

We believe that entrepreneurship holds the key to tackling the food industry’s key issues at scale, fast. We’re here to back the most ambitious and inspiring tech entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds - tackling the biggest challenges in the food industry.

Areas of exploration

We actively explore investment opportunities in the following areas

food production

By 2050, more than 66% of the global population is expected to live in cities. We probe solutions to urban food production, such as vertical farms, insect production, cellular agriculture. Water quality and supply is another pillar of a self-sustaining city that we explore.

protein sources

Our planet will host more than 9.8 billion people by 2050. This requires additional sources of protein for the masses. We explore plants, mushrooms, insects, algae, as an alternative to meat and dairy products.

to lifestyle diseases

Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many others, are a result of an unhealthy diet. We seek for ventures that reduce the intake of sugar, salt and trans-fats (“free-from” products).


Our bodies are biological organisms. We believe that we can biohack the functionality of our bodies through solutions for e.g. improved brain functionality, anti-stress, better sleep.

food production

Our day to day life is  is individualised, e.g. ads are only displayed to specific target groups. The desire for individualisation will also find its way into the food value chain in the future. This may not only increase customer satisfaction but also holds opportunities to decrease unnecessary overproduction and thus become an important part of future waste management.

Transparent & sustainable

Large corporations lack consumers’ trust and credibility, while many categories in the retail shelves have remained unchanged for decades. We believe in transparent and sustainable brands that connect with their customers through unconventional channels.


We need 56% more food to feed nearly 10 billion people in 2050. Synthetic biology can be leveraged to produce food without increasing the pressure on resources. We seek ventures that produce sustainable, traceable and nutritious food and other bio-products affecting health and sustainability by applying synthetic biology.